Secure Your Smart Phones

    • Always secure your smartphone with a strong password
    • Ensure that your device locks itself automatically
    • Install security software
    • Only download apps from approved sources
    • Check your apps permissions
    • Dont miss operating system updates
    • Be wary of any links you receive via email or text message
    • Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection
    • When browsing or shopping on your phone (or computer), always look for "https" in the url instead of     "http"

Secure Your Online Banking

    • Never use same PIN CODE for multiple bank accounts
    • Never use unprotected PCs at cybercafes for internet banking
    • Never keep your pin code and cards together
    • Never leave the PC unattended when using internet banking in a publicplace
    • Register for Mobile SMS, Email Transaction Alerts
    • Never reply to emails asking for your password or pin code
    • Visit banks website by typing the URL in the address bar
    • Log off and close your browser when you are done using internet banking
    • When using ATM always conceal keypad before entering pin code
    • Before using ATM, make sure that there is no extra device installed in the surroundings

Secure Your Facebook

    • Use extra security features to access account (security code, Login alert etc)
    • Use login notification alert
    • Allow specific individuals to view your contents (Videos, Photos and Friends etc.)
    • Control who can contact you
    • Block your profile from search engines

Secure Your Wi-Fi

    • Change Default Administrator Passwords and Usernames of the Wi-Fi Router
    • Use complex password and change Password after regular intervals
    • Position the Router or Access Point Safely
    • Turn off the Network / Wi-Fi routers if it is not in use

Secure Your Browsing

    • What you put online will always remain there
    • Never trust any free online content
    • Dont provide personal information online to get something free
    • Don’t click on links inside e-mails or messages