Computer Forensics

In today’s ever changing criminal world the use of computers for fraud and the pursuit of other crimes has increased to dramatic proportions. NR3C-FIA is a specialized department to deal with the computer crime. Computer crime is not only about fraud – online or otherwise – it also encompasses areas such as pornography, child sex abuse and the sale of black market goods online. The wide range of data content present in hard drives is potential evidence if seized from a crime scene. The process of forensic acquisition, analysis and reporting of computer storage devices is Computer Forensic. NR3C has state of the art computer forensic facility, and posses leading forensic experts to deal with all computer related crimes.

Mobile Forensics

The increased utility of mobile devices such as smart phones has leveraged the criminals to communicate and use digital application, resultantly storing tremendous amount of data on the device. Criminals use smart phones for a number of activities such as committing fraud over e-mail, harassment through text messages, trafficking of child pornography, communications related to narcotics, etc. The data stored on smart phones is extremely useful to forensic analysts through the course of an investigation. The forensic acquisition, analysis and presentation of data content stored on mobile devices is known as Mobile Forensics. NR3C since inception has dealt with numerous mobile forensic cases, and also facilitates other government installations on such technical assistance.

Video Forensics

Video recordings can provide a realtime, eyewitness account of a crime so investigators can watch or hear what transpired. For instance, a surveillance video captures a bank robbery in progress, or a hidden camera records . For most crimes, however, high quality video recordings are often not available. This is where forensic video expertise can help. Forensic experts have many techniques to enhance recordings that can bring out details and provide a clearer picture of what occurred. NR3C experts have engaged in numerous video forensic investigation and have successfully identified criminals and terrorist through this forensic method.

Audio/image forensics

Cyber Crime perform audio authentication ,Image enhancing including blur images ,image authenticate and video forensics through international state of the art tools.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is the capture, storage, and analysis of network events. Regardless of the name, the idea is the same: record every packet of network traffic (all emails, all database queries, all Web browsing–absolutely all traffic of all kinds traversing an organization’s network) to a single searchable repository so the traffic can be examined in detail. It also includes the forensic examination of network devices such as router, VOIP gateways, IDS/IDP etc. The network device configuration and related data present in these devices is important in cyber crime cases. NR3C has a specialized team to investigate and process network forensic cases. They have successfully analyzed numerous network forensic investigations in past.

Technical Training

Development of human resource leverages the organizations to perform efficiently. Trainings, seminars and workshops are instant source of information that gives an edge to professionals to understand and excel in their respective fields. NR3C over years has trained around thousands of individuals of academia, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, police academy, intelligence agencies etc. Trainings disseminated in relation to digital forensic comprehension of interpreting forensic reports, evidence extraction methods, laws application to judicial community. 12, 458 individuals from all walks of life ranging from a 6 grade kid to a decorated officers have been trained by NR3C to serve the purpose cyber crime mitigation